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Last Friday, I had the rare opportunity to leave my office early. Of course, I made the best possible use of this opportunity by bee-lining it to the fabric store. It isn’t every day I have a chance to shop for fabric and sew it in the same day!

I left work early enough that I wound up behind an elementary school bus, which stopped every few blocks to let a few kiddos off. Most were pretty little kiddos — kindergarten to perhaps second grade. I watched them bound off of the bus gleefully and then run up the sidewalks with all their might, as if they were just released from a cage. Some of them skipped instead of running, but the same joyous pep was obvious in their steps. I recalled that similar feeling of freedom when I was a kid — Friday afternoon! The longest possible moment from the moment you’ll have to return to the grind!

Then it hit me — I had the same just-released-from-a-cage feeling! Don’t get me wrong, I adore my day job…But there is something completely wonderful and relieving about that Friday afternoon feeling when I know that I’ll be enjoying the Market in a matter of a few hours. I won’t have to take direction from anyone (OK, except maybe from Jim Luna, our beloved Market Manager). I can set up my booth any way I please. I can take a book to read. Or not. I can take some knitting to work on. Or not. It will be my time for me. And as if that weren’t fun enough, I’ll get to spend the day sharing the time and the hobby I love with so many wonderful Marketeers…other vendors, customers, dogs, kiddos, Mother Nature.

Upon realizing this, I was tempted to turn around, go back to my office, and do this “leaving early thing” right. I should have run or skipped from the office door to my car. Or heck, even a combo of running and skipping! I could throw in a cartwheel for good measure and nostalgia’s sake! Next time I get to leave the office early, I’ll remember the correct way to do it, for sure!

I hope those of you out there in the blogosphere are looking forward to the next few months at the Market as much as I am! This weekend, we’ll enjoy the annual Dr. Scissorhands Pumpkin Carving event, which is always a blast. Local physicians will be carving pumpkins that you can then purchase, and the proceeds will benefit the live music program at the Market. Live music and the Market are like peanut butter and jelly…So imagine your PB & J and without the PB. Or without the J! Now imagine the Market without live music! Yuck, I don’t like the sound of that at all, so please come out and help support a crucial element of the Market’s atmosphere. Vendors will be in costume in recognition of Halloween, including yours truly — So excited about the cool costume I made this year! (However, I never reveal my costume plans ahead of time, so you’ll have to come see me if you want to know!) There is also the Garden Extravaganza going on in Munn Park, so plenty of good reasons to head downtown.

The annual Market poinsettia sale kicks off soon, too…For me, that’s the starting gun of the race toward the holidays, and boy does that race go by quickly! As we head through October’s home stretch into November, it’s a great time to think about starting your holiday shopping locally at the Market. We have many vendors with terrific and unique gift ideas, and the Market is a great one-stop-shop for everyone on your list.

I’ve also been on Google and Pinterest like mad, looking for Thanksgiving recipes I can try with produce I can get at the Market. Last Thanksgiving, I was in charge of the salad for my family’s potluck celebration, and boy did I get some delicious greens and salad fixins at the Market! I’ve found that many of the produce vendors are really good at giving preparation suggestions for their veggies if you want to go outside the box and cook something you haven’t tried before. I think that will be what I go for this year!

And I plan for the SCML blog to be busier over the next few months as well! One of my goals for the blog is to get to know each of the vendors at the Market and help you get to know them, too, through Featured Vendor posts. I have three Features lined up that will be appearing soon — Scout & Tag home interiors (otherwise known as “the booth with the badger”), Walt Parks of Pro FX (who offers $1 per minute chair massages (that are fabulous)), and Bilbrey Family Farm (our local Certified Naturally Grown Farm) will all have features in the very near future, so stop back by often!

But digressing to this coming Saturday, 10/26, stop by Swan City Stitchery this Saturday if you and your kiddos are in costume (or even if you’re not because I’d still love to tell you hello!)…Then look for blog entry featuring all of the creative costume ideas I know you all have brewing at this very moment!

With sheer excitement,


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