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Market Mutts

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One of the biggest joys out at the Market are the precious pooches, delightful doggies, and canine customers that I get to meet. You’ve probably heard about some of the various benefits of owning a pet. When Market shoppers bring their Market Mutts with them, us vendors get to enjoy those benefits, too!

Here are a few Market Mutts you may see around Downtown on Saturdays:

River is a 1 1/2-year-old Shepherd mix who was adopted from the SPCA by his people, Sarah, Katie, & Jillian. His people describe him as “loving, soft, and sweet,” and boy, is he! He was excited to give me lots of kisses, and his coat is gorgeous! River’s favorite toys are his peoples’ socks — he loves to gather them up and play with them instead of toys! He showed me his really cool high-fiving trick. He can give a low five while he’s sitting or jump up to give you a high five! He seems to especially like to high five because he insisted on giving me numerous high fives while I tried to take his photo. 🙂 His people say his favorite reason to come to the Market is the car ride — he loves to ride anywhere!

Meet Treble…not “Trouble,” although her people say that could be her name! Treble, a 6-month-old Chi-Weenie (Chihuahua/Dauchsund mix), got her name because her kid people are really into band at school. Treble’s mom, Kerri Greene, says Treble came into their lives when a family friend could not care for her or give her the time she needed, so Kerri & her kids came to the rescue to give her a loving home. Treble’s people say she is best described as “rambunctious, sweet, and inquisitive.” She loves to play with her favorite toy, a tiny stuffed rabbit, so I had to be careful not to let her see the Sock Bunnies I have for sale at Swan City Stitchery! Kerri said Treble’s funniest quirk is her ears — one flips up, and one flops down! Last Saturday was Treble’s very first trip to the Market, but we hope she continues to come out and let’s us know what she likes most about visiting us!

Chances are this pooch needs no introduction if you’re a Market regular — it’s Gertie the official unofficial Market Mascot! Gertie’s person, Michael Antolak, bragged to me that Gertie has more Facebook friends than he does! Gertie the 6 1/2-year-old Lab/Boxer mix came into Michael’s life when Michael was volunteering at the SPCA. Michael’s plan was just to pressure wash the facility, but when he was done volunteering, he went inside to spend some time with the adoptable pooches. Gertie was quiet and shy in her pen until Michael came along and showed her a little love — he just had to adopt her, and now he describes her as the “happiest dog ever!” I would have to agree considering that Gertie was so happy to meet me, she wagged her whole body! Michael says that Gertie loves coming to the Market because she loves people and attention. The Market is just the place for her to find that!

If you’d like to see your Market Mutt on the SCML blog, stop by the Swan City Stitchery booth located on the south end of the Market in front of Crisper’s for a photo and a few questions about your dog’s personality (dog-ality?). My neighbor booth Wook’s Beef Jerky will be glad to give your Canine Customer a sample of their all-natural, locally made, delicious pet jerky!



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