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The Heat Is On…


It’s that time of year when we could all swear the humidity is somehow above 100%. That time of year when afternoon rains roll in just as reliable as a Yellowstone geyser. We kick off hurricane season without so much as the bat of an eye. School lets out and summer camps and vacations commence. We switch out hot coffee for iced coffee. And summer doesn’t even officially start until June 21!

I’ve had to free my feet from actual shoes and wear sandals every Saturday now. My feet have gone from stark white to perhaps ecru or eggshell in a matter of weeks, although leaving white lines where my sandal straps rest. I found myself thinking back yesterday to December, January, and February of this Market season. Oh, the memories of arriving on Kentucky Ave. at 6:30AM in the total darkness, with temperatures somewhere in the 40’s and vendors dressed in 3 or 4 layers. Of course, by 10:30AM, we had usually shed at least a layer or two because the temperature had climbed to the upper 60’s. We couldn’t feel our hands to set up our tents. We’d hug one another good morning, and often linger for a little extra snuggle and an exchange of body heat.

Those days seem so far away now. Now, once I pack up my booth at the end of the Market each weekend, I am tempted to drive straight to Barnett Park and sit in the cool, refreshing fountains for a while (except that I’d be the creepy lady without kids). It’s that time of year when it could be really miserable to be outside at the Market. But amazingly, we’re still all there! Vendors are faithful in attendance, even though wearing one layer of clothing seems like too much. Customers are still steady throughout the day, even though the local supermarkets and big box stores are running their A/C’s full-blast. And we remain united — not just because we’re miserably hot together, but because the Market matters. Buying the freshest local organic produce at the best price matters. Buying gifts from local artisans matters. Because our local economy matters. Our relationships with one another matter. Our Saturday routine and commitment to our Market Community matters, even if it makes us physically miserable for a little while. πŸ™‚

There are only 7 Saturdays left in this Market season. And yes, you can pretty much count on each of those Saturdays being rather miserable. But we depend on you and appreciate you in a way that those fancy air-conditioned retailers don’t. And come August, I’m willing to bet you’ll even miss us a little bit. That first Saturday of September will seem like forever away! And if nothing else, it is true that misery loves company, so at least stop by and commiserate with us about how hot it is. Over Teaki Bars and iced tea, we can discuss what crazy notion ever possessed Florida’s settlers to choose this muggy swampland to call home…but also be so thankful that they did!

Thank you so much for sticking with us…even at this time of year when your clothes are sticking to your body like flypaper. πŸ™‚

Just as an aside, while we’re discussing the dog days of summer, I’d like to mention that I’m doing a casting all for all Canine Customers of the Market. Would you and your pooch like to be featured in an upcoming Swan City Market Life blog post? All interested pups and their people to stop by Swan City Stitchery next Saturday, June 15 for a photo and to give some insight on the varied personalities (dog-alities?) of our four-legged regulars. There will even be treats involved! (For dogs only, although any humans who enjoy eating dog treats will not be judged!) And since we’ve established that it will be hot, there will be a dog bowl of refreshing water as well. πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The Heat Is On…

  1. Great little Blog to read over my Monday Morning coffee ! I LOVE LAKELAND !

  2. Swan City……………love your posts, dear one! ❀

  3. I wonder how many others are like me—someone who is very comfortable in the shady (from trees or tents) Marketplace at this time of year, during most of the Market hours: 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. The last hour these days can be quite humid (if we make it that long before the rain storm hits!) Otherwise, there seems to be a gentle breeze, the temps are starting out at 75 gradually rising to almost 90 by the market’s end. Coming earlier is absolutely comfortable time for most, I’m thinking! Thanks for a great blog of our Market! πŸ™‚

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